VIDEO Nomination Award 2018
marketing + Architecture

webcam Bürgenstock resort LUCERNE

Client: The Bürgenstock Selection, CH-6300 Zug
Katara Hospitality Switzerland AG

Total floor area: 27'500 m2
Volume: 102'000 m3
Investment: CHF 100 Mio
Realization: 2014 - 2017
Interior design: MVK Design, London

Project team:
Justin Rüssli
Ana Simunovic
Marc Theis
Patrick Hiltmann
Leila Hofer
Mimi Chan Hua Kueh
Stefanie Jelinic
Pascal Durrer
Ladina Kempf
Mathias Lingg


>>Projekt Bürgenstock Hotel 5* Superior 2014
>>Competition: Icon Hotel Bürgenstock 2010





The new 5-star superior Bürgenstock Hotel is the centrepiece at the heart of the resort and therefore its main attraction. The unique infrastructure will establish the Bürgenstock development as the leading resort in the Alpine foothills, giving it international prestige.

The impressive structure blends naturally into its surroundings between the Palace Hotel and the Bürgenstock spa and faces north towards Lucerne. The design for the new hotel and its interior décor is inspired by scenes from legendary films. The team from Rüssli Architekten won the architectural competition to design this hotel in 2010 with its "Goldfinger" concept. After an in-depth analysis, the winning project then underwent further development.




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The plan for the overall hotel layout was simplified, reducing it from two buildings to a single, large structure with an L-shaped design. This change prompted the addition of a spacious public terrace between the main Bürgenstock Hotel building and the Palace Hotel. This intermediate space has a positive impact on the overall appearance of the resort. Unhindered access to the terrace via the piazza allows people to enjoy a spectacular view across Lake Lucerne towards the city of the same name. The southern end is flanked by a shopping pavilion and surrounded by a covered promenade. The shops have glass frontages on both sides, creating an impression of transparency and lightness.


The new hotel is situated in a prominent position on the Bürgenstock mountain, 875 metres above sea level. View from the level of the lake, this elevated development resembles modern high-rise hotels in global metropolises such as Shanghai or Tokyo. The façade is lined with light-coloured shell limestone and towers over the glazed base like a skyscraper. The hotel structure sits comfortably within the overall complex of buildings on the Bürgenstock and blends in harmoniously when viewed from a distance.

As a traditional outdoor space, the piazza is integrated perfectly into the new promenade and adds to the unique ambience. It serves as a meeting place and point of arrival and offers a wide range of possible uses, for instance as a space for screening films or staging theatrical performances in the summer or as an attractive Christmas market venue n the winter.


Beneath the terrace – in the glazed base section – there is the hotel lobby, along with an executive bar and a spacious lounge that looks as if it were made for "jazz, whisky and romance". Filled with light and sunshine, the extensive hotel foyer offers magnificent views. The hotel, with its cinema, restaurant and ballroom, is located at the very heart of the resort. The top station of the new Bürgenstock mountain railway is also integrated into the hotel premises.



With 102 luxurious guest rooms spread over seven floors –each of which offers a glorious vista over Lake Lucerne and towards the city of Lucerne and the breathtaking Alpine landscape – this hotel is sure to become a new hotspot for visitors from all over the world. At the very top of the building, the presidential and penthouse suites boast amazing panoramic views and offer every imaginable luxury, including a private sauna, massage room, plunge pool and secluded sun terrace. The glamorous interior furnishings are designed to conjure up images of Hollywood and the iconic style of world-famous actresses such as Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren, both of whom were once delighted guests of the facilities on the Bürgenstock mountain.

What makes the hotel rooms so special is their large bay windows, complete with inviting window seats where guests can linger and relax for a while. On the southern sided of the hotel, guests have the opportunity to enjoy a stunning view of the Swiss Alps in the distance from private loggias. The Bürgenstock resort – a spectacular retreat in a class of its own.