Competition 2010

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The competition project has been revised:
> Bürgenstock Hotel 5* Superior

Katara Hospitality Switzerland AG, Zug
Total floor area: 15'000 m2
Building costs: CHF 75 mio
Realization: 2012 - 2017
Interior design: Soda Thailand
Landscape architect: Robert Gisinger

Competition: 2010
Rating: 1. Prize
Project team for competition 2010:
Justin Rüssli
Ruedi Vollenweider
Carol Egger
Andreas Hamerich
Philipp Glass







The new five-star luxury hotel, ICON on top of the Bürgenstock, will be the heart and flagship of the Bürgenstock Resort. The unique infrastructure makes the Bürgenstock to the leading pre-alpine resort with international star appeal.

The ICON building is located between SPA and the Palace and is aligned to Lucerne. The main building contains two wings which are arranged around the striking terrace. The silhouette gives a balanced picture due to the horizontal emphasis The new buildings were set on the edge of the slope side and shifted against each other. The buildings are oriented towards north and south but also provide a west-east orientation with view to Hammetschwand, the valley and the bernese alps. The glass penthouse rises above the stone base of the west-wing.





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>> Bürgenstock Hotel 5* Superior (previously ICON Hotel)
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The piazza is the center piece and meeting point of the resort. It is lined with boutiques and cafes but also with the arrival and departure section of the Bürgenstockbahn. A covered strolling mile enclose the piazza and connect it with the Palace and makes it a meeting place even during bad weather. The hotel itself and its interior is inspired by style-forming movie scenes. As a source of inspiration Goldfinger, Lost in Translation, North by Northwest and Ironman were used.

The new hotel offers 111 luxurious rooms with spectacular views of Lake Lucerne, to Lucerne itself and into the Alps. The hotel is situated 440 meters above the lake on a rock of the Bürgenstock. This height can keep up with modern hotel towers in Shanghai of Tokyo. The lobby offers a spectacular view over the lake just like a lobby in the 79th floor.

Sixty-five deluxe rooms and thirty junior suites spread over three respectively five floors in the two wings (east and west) of the hotel. In the west-wing there are four luxury suites each with two keys named after the actresses Scarlett Johansson (USA), Preity Zinta (India), Gong Li (China) and Marion Cotillard (France). They all already were enthusiastic guests of the Bürgenstock Resort


On the very top of the west-wing in the penthouse the Presidential Bürgenstock Suite is located, with a breathtaking panoramic view of Mount Pilatus and Mount Rigi. The suite offers all the luxury like, private sauna, massage room, plunge pool and private terrace. The suite can be devided into four keys.

The hotel terrace is the main element and an important location. The terrace streches continously between the two wings of the hotel. A unique space with magnificent view to the Lake Lucerne and the Alps. With plenty of light and sun this terrace looks spectacular and is covered by a light-weight designed roof against wind and weather. It can be used throughout the year. The winter garden opens depending on the weather conditions. Beneath the terrace the bar and lounge of the hotel is located with a spectacular view on lake and Alps - a place for jazz, whiskey and romance. There is a direct ground level VIP entrance from the shuttle train to the lobby and check-in desk.


The rooms are characterized by large bay windows that can be used as a seat, as Scarlett Johansson did in the movie “Lost in Translation”. A French window, which can be opened, also allows to feel the fresh air and the height. A balcony was conciously refrained in standard rooms because this would block the view. The exposed sky-scraper do not have balconies because of wind and weather. The junior suites and the larger suites have an integrated balcony.


In the south, guests have the choice of private loggias to relax and to enjoy the warmth. These loggias are used as VIP lounges for the open air cinema at the piazza. The penthouse is outstanding by its exclusiveness and architecture and is furnished like the ranch in Goldfinger. The panoramic view of lake and mountains and a large terrace is guaranteed. The concept of the two-floor penthouse allows also individual rentals. From the five major units up to 12 individual keys can be rented individually, which increases the utilization in line with demand.

All rooms are equipped with an iPad (Apple tablet computer). These handy computers take over all control functions and information for the guest. Beside general hotel information also Internet, TV control, menu selection, international newspapers, but also personalized information about reservation and bill are supported. This service provides a comprehensive level of comfort which reduces the administrative work.