Neuschwand, EmmenbrÜcke
urban living in the green

Investment competion 2014
1. PriZe


Client/Investor: Losinger Marazzi AG, Luzern

Competition : 2014
Selection process: Investment competition
with 8 to 10 teams
Programm: Mixed living-style in rent and property for
people of all ages
Ranking: 1. Prize

Realization: planing for 2018
Investment costs: CHF 40 Mio

Project team realization:
Justin Rüssli
Petr Vycpàlek
Andreas Hamerich

Project team for selection:
Justin Rüssli
Ruedi Vollenweider
Andreas Hamerich

The construction concept Neuschwand takes into consideration the large-scale buildings of the Emmen Center to the southeast, and the graceful single-family houses of the Herdschwand district to the northwest. The conceptual approach consists of three different building models, individual floor plans for versatile living, car-free outdoor spaces and a historical granary as a meeting point – a modern and eco-friendly development for a 2000 Watt Society. The existing buildings of today’s Herdschwand nursing home have been removed entirely for the new Neuschwand building complex.




The history of Herdschwand is closely entwined with the industrial history of the Emmenbrücke municipality. In 1943, the first single-family houses were built, in connection with the founding of Emmen aircraft factory. Many jobs were relocated from Thun to Emmen. Later on, further houses arose for higher-ranking Viscose employees, and in the best location two mansions were built for the management families Dunant and Goumoëns. This was followed in later years by the construction of Herdschwand nursing home. Due to its age, this is going to be entirely removed in the near future. Construction of a new and modern replacement building is already done.

The Neuschwand building complex is geared towards versatile living. Families, young and old couples, and single people of any age will come together here as both tenants and owners. Within the building complex, there will be an attractive meeting space and park-like facilities. Casually arranged footpaths join the buildings together. The location is exceptionally popular and boasts excellent shopping and dining opportunities, schools, and outstanding services for all sections of the population.


The complex will be ecologically sustainable, in line with the idea for a 2000 Watt Society. The clear objectives include the Minergie standard, photovoltaic modules on the building roofs and the use of geothermal heat. In terms of materials, wood is used in the façade construction and interior finishing. Recycled concrete is also used in the building. The maximum use of wood is envisaged in the construction of the point-block buildings as well, in keeping with the motto “energy-efficient Emmen”.