Client: 4B Immobilien AG, Zug
Realization: 2013 - 2014
Floor area: 3'507 m2
Construction volume: 14'629 m3
Investment: CHF 9 Mio
Energy: certified Minergie LU-1292
Study work: 1. Price - 2012

Project team realization:
Justin Rüssli
Hubert Bühlmann
Andrea Schranz
Carol Egger
Andreas Hamerich

Project team study work:
Justin Rüssli
Marc Theis
Andrea Schranz
Andreas Hamerich

The master plan from Rüssli Architekten, which stemmed from an architectural competition, shows the development concept for the complete site on the bank of the Reuss for the next 20-30 years. The construction will start with the production facilities, followed by the stage 1 and 2 buildings, as well as commercial and office buildings. The buildings will be grouped along a central axis running through the centre of the complete site. This serves as an access road, and the central reservation makes a perfect meeting place.




The area has been planned in such a way that various stages can be realised one after the other. The business park comprises approximately 23,000 square metres of office and commercial space. In total, 215 above-ground and between 200 and 400 underground parking spaces are planned. The terrain ascends 1.50m from all sides to the centre of the site, which means that, even with the construction of an underground parking garage in a further stage, the entrances from the various construction stages remain at the same level.

A large green space will be created around the buildings. Tall fruit trees arranged in rows will testify to the location’s history. This open space serves as an ecological compensation area, as well as helping to blend the buildings into their environment, in the spirit of a nature park.

In the first stage, a three-storey office building has been built. A cellar was not required. The utility room, archives and bathrooms are located above ground. Initially, there are 80 parking spaces available, at ground level.

The ground floor houses the office spaces and exhibition rooms of window manufacturer 1aKronenberger AG. The floor plan on the two upper floors can be divided up in any number of ways. Depending on the tenancy, up to four office units can be discarded per floor. The skeleton-type construction featuring concrete columns and the office grid of 1.35m allow huge flexibility in room partitioning and office furnishing. The offices feature a clear room height of 3.20m and, with the large window fronts, offer plenty of natural light and pleasant brightness.

The building is heated and cooled by the groundwater. A heat pump generates warmth to heat the building and provide hot water. Optimum use is made of the groundwater for cooling in the summer months, with 30W/m2 free cooling. The “TABS” thermoactive component system provides concrete core cooling and takes on the function of heating and cooling in the concrete ceilings.

The façade concept consists of a system of metal construction elements – 1.35m wide – in front of the glass façade. Shading is provided by vertical supporting beams and horizontal sun protection elements. The building is certified to Minergie standard (no. LU-1292). The roof space can be used for power generation (photovoltaics).

For the second stage, an office building with a maximum of six floors, positioned parallel to the street, is proposed. The second stage envisages the construction of an underground parking garage with around 200 parking spaces. The office building features a cellar and is connected to the adjacent underground parking garage.